This website is intended for all those interested in becoming acquainted with Akko and visiting the city.
On this website you’ll find a wealth of reliable information concerning the archeology and history of the Old City; a glossary with hundreds of terms; entertaining stories about events, historical sites, and the people of Akko; and links to other websites.
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recommended routes
recommended tours in Acre
Old Akko - World Heritage Site
The Aqueduct to Acre
Akko: Much More than Hummus
The History of Old Akko
The Bronze and Iron Ages
The Persian and Greek (Hellenistic) Periods
The Roman, Byzantine and Early Arab Periods
The Crusader Period – Part A
The Crusader Period – part B
The Crusader Period – part C
The Mamluk Period
The Ottoman Period – part A
The Ottoman Period – part B
The Ottoman Period – part C
The Ottoman Period – part D
The British Mandate
Welcome to AKKOPEDIA

What’s on this website?
The history of the Old City of Acre (modern name: Akko in Hebrew; Akka in Arabic) presented by:
 means of articles
a glossary of terms
 photos and illustrations
 and entertaining stories about people, historical sites, and events from Akko’s past and present.
Neso t,rho
Neso t,rho