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Old Akko - World Heritage Site
The Aqueduct to Acre
Akko: Much More than Hummus
The History of Old Akko
The Bronze and Iron Ages
The Persian and Greek (Hellenistic) Periods
The Roman, Byzantine and Early Arab Periods
The Crusader Period Part A
The Crusader Period part B
The Crusader Period part C
The Mamluk Period
The Ottoman Period part A
The Ottoman Period part B
The Ottoman Period part C
The Ottoman Period part D
The British Mandate
Hundreds of terms, names, and expressions relating to the Old City.
  In its history, spread over 5,000 years, are interwoven names and events, among the most important in Western history in general and the history of the Middle East in particular: Phoenicians and Canaanites; Greeks and Romans; Persians and Arabs; Crusaders and Mamluks; Ottoman Turks and the British
  here all of them have made their mark in history. Rulers and kings, kingdoms and empires, armies and navies, saw Akko and fought for its existence or besieged it.
Here are several of the hundreds of terms that appear in the site:
Haim FarhiAl-Jazzar,  Mamluks,  Keystone,  Dahr el-Omar,  Aqueduct,   Burj al-Commander,  The Knigfts' HallThe Moslem Calendar
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