The history of the Old City of Acre

What’s on this website?

The history of the Old City of Acre (modern name: Akko in Hebrew; Akka in Arabic) presented by:

  • means of articles
  • a glossary of terms
  • photos and illustrations

and entertaining stories about people, historical sites, and events from Akko’s past and present.

This website is intended for all those interested in becoming acquainted with Akko and visiting the city.
On this website you’ll find a wealth of reliable information concerning the archeology and history of the Old City; a glossary with hundreds of terms; entertaining stories about events, historical sites, and the people of Akko; and links to other websites.

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Selected Articles

The Ramchal Synagogue

The synagogue is named for Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto, known by his acronym, RaMCHaL. The Ramchal was born in Padua, Italy, in 1707 and died in Acre in 1743. He…

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Burj al-Commander (The Commander’s Tower)

This fortified corner tower is in the northeast corner of the al-Jazzar wall. The tower is named for Major Thomas Oldfield of the British Royal Naval Marines, who fell defending…

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The Franciscan (Terra Sancta) Church

This is a Roman Catholic church, hence its name in Arabic: Deir al-Latin (the Latin Monastery). In 1217, at the height of the Crusader period in Acre, the city’s first…

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The British Mandate

1917–1948 C.E. – The British Mandate of Palestine (in the Land of Israel) 1917 – During the period of the First World War the situation of the Jews of Acre…

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